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Spending hours completing highly-repetitive vendor assessments?

Manually responding to repetitive questions is a time-consuming process, leading to reduced productivity and an increased risk of inconsistencies and errors in responses.


How do you identify all applicable risks to make accurate risk assessments?

Identifying risks and gathering data to understand an organization's potential challenges is complex due to ever-evolving global markets and diversity in stakeholder perspectives.


Do you know all of your obligations in order to determine controls?

Maintaining compliance requires dedicated resourcing with the skill to navigate regulatory landscapes and ensure that compliance is embedded into a company's culture and operations.


Are you using independent  data to drive sourcing decisions?

Relying on vendor-provided information can introduce bias, emphasizing strengths and downplaying weaknesses. It is imperative to cross-reference data from reputable sources.


Hailey GPT for your governance,
risk and compliance needs

audit assessment

Hailey for Assessments

Questions are automatically matched to similar questions previously responded to, recommending and generating responses, while also referencing your internal controls and policies.

Enterprise Risk Management

Hailey for Enterprise Risk Management

Based on your company profile, quickly and easily find the relevant risks and identify the controls and costs associated with mitigating risks.

Hailey for Compliance

Identifies and extracts compliance obligations from complex regulations to generate controls and actions, enabling in-depth compliance reporting and documentation.

vendor risk

Hailey for Vendor Risk Management

Profiles are generated using our proprietary AI model of public company information, filings and notifications, as well as vendor scanning tools.

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