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Webinar Event
Innovation Leaders

When:  Thursday 16 March 2023 at 9:30am AEDT

AI-Driven GRC: Ask Hailey and OpenAI's GPT


In 2023 the hyper-acuity of risk and compliance challenges cannot be underestimated, especially in relation to cybersecurity across virtually every industry worldwide. With advancements in AI and ongoing digital transformation, the skills we need will undoubtedly change where we spend our time and the definition of productivity. 

"We were born with AI baked in. GPT-3 is just the next step."


Anthony Stevens | Founder & CEO | 6clicks

Here's what you'll learn from the founders of 6clicks

  1. The story of AI at 6clicks and how it has transformed the platform.
  2. Unleash the power of Hailey with the integration of GPT-3.
  3. See Ask Hailey in action with a live demo of its functionality.
  4. Explore the future of AI at 6clicks and how it will enhance the platform's capabilities.

This webinar is now available on-demand.

Panel presenters

Tune in to industry experts Anthony Stevens and Louis Strauss for this informative panel presentation.

Anthony Stevens

Founder & CEO | 6clicks

Anthony Stevens

Louis Strauss

Founder & CPO | 6clicks


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